Rethinking Childhood

3 years to age 9

Storybook Workshop Delivered

We've listened and we're ready to help...

 During this unsettling time, we are are unable to offer in- person classes.

However, we've been busy all summer developing new hands- on experiences for our students: 


Storybook Workshop Delivered


Engaging, age- appropriate literacy curriculums delivered right to your door or mailed to you (if you live far away). 

Our curriculum kit includes most everything you need to continue the joys of Storybook Workshop's innovative programing. 

HURRAY! we've also added a weekly time on ZOOM so we'll be able to see all our friends again!


  Join us this Fall!

Innovative Literacy Classes


  • NEW! Preschool Curriculum with Music and Movement

  • NEW! Elementary School Age Book Clubs

  • Extraordinary Master teachers to inspire a continued joy of learning

  • Materials delivered to your door

  • Registration is now open! (but classes are limited!) 

Read by Tina Moran


Listen to a sample of our new video stories read by the

Storybook Workshop team!


 After The Fall

How Humpty Dumpty Got Back Up Again 

by Dan Santat