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Most children spend too much time learning passively about the world around them through technology and two-dimensional screens. For children to learn how to think creatively and understand the written word they must first acquire comprehensive language skills as well as the motivation and self-control required to read. They must also have the opportunity to participate in environments that foster a love of books and stories. Our classes are rich in language and active learning. We read, sing, talk, rhyme, develop new vocabulary words, and test our ability to express ourselves through dramatic play, childhood the way it should be.


Here's what's coming up:

Bookworms 2017

We are now registering for one of our most popular classes for Kindergartners. Strengthen your reading skills in time for First Grade! Bookworms explores books and their authors using a multi-sensory and balanced approach to literacy. Our program accelerates literacy development by incorporating vocabulary, phonics, and rhyming activities into five weekly sessions.1:15-2:15 Fridays, April 28- May 26.

Storybook Outside

Nature in June

for 4's & 5 year olds*

June 12-16 & June 19-23

An annual favorite, our summer curriculum lends itself beautifully to old-fashioned, developmentally appropriate outdoor play! We weave our literature program into exciting, hands-on learning adventures, focusing on natural science and math. Our memorable, outdoor summer program creates unforgettable childhood experiences.

To register: info @ storybook

*younger students may register with approval from the Director

$300.00 per week