Rethink Childhood...

Birth to age 9

It started with a simple idea: give children a childhood!

Most children spend too much time learning passively about the world around them through technology and two-dimensional screens. For children to learn how to think creatively and understand the written word they must first acquire comprehensive language skills as well as the motivation and self-control required to read. They must also have the opportunity to participate in environments that foster a love of books and stories. Our classes are rich in language and active learning. We read, sing, talk, rhyme, develop new vocabulary words, and test our ability to express ourselves creatively through dramatic and artistic play... just the way childhood should be!

Storybook Outside!

( our mini-camp)

4*& 5 year olds

9:00-12:00 daily

week 1: June 11-15  (Open)

Week 2: June 18-22  (Full)

( add your name to our wait list for week 2)

Registration begins this Wednesday, 2/7/18 @ 7:00 am.

Every June, we take all the fullness of our indoor workshops and bring them outside for a unique experience, exploring literature and nature together. An annual favorite, our summer curriculum lends itself beautifully to old-fashioned, developmentally appropriate outdoor play! We weave our literature program into exciting, hands-on learning adventures, focusing on natural science and math. We'll measure, magnify, problem solve, categorize, experiment, identify, and investigate our world. Bee Keeper and Worm Farm visit each week. Our memorable, outdoor summer program is educational and just plain fun! 


*Children younger than 4 years old may be enrolled with permission from the Director

Our visit with a worm farm 2017