Rethinking Childhood

18 months to age 9

Storybook At Home

Unfortunately, during this Covid-19 health crisis, our classes are sidelined (for the time being).

 We've developed an on-line experience for our students called Storybook At Home.

We've added sample curriculums on this website

Continue language learning through our engaging activities! 

July 6- July 31 Monday-Wednesday- Friday

Storybook Workshop is committed to play a joyful part in your child’s new normal. We understand children need as much structure, predictability and security as we can give them. They must move forward in familiar ways. Our Camp Edition will give your child familiar structure. Imagine: literacy activities three times a week, to give your child something to look forward to! Plus, it’s a creative way to keep your child engaged in reading and learning. We know this unforeseen reality takes a village to manage. We hope you will allow us to be a part of your “at home” solution. 


Join us for Camp!


Our camp curriculum weaves literature with nature, science and outdoor learning. Its rich literacy activities follow our traditional Storybook Camp Curriculum. We know your child will find these lessons a surprise each day and a wonderful balance of skill building and Camp FUN. Nature books, art projects, experiments, recipes all in our popular camp style! These lessons can be used by all members of your family and at any time.

July 6- July 31
Literacy curriculum for children 3-7 years 

Emailed to you Monday-Wednesday-Friday mornings

Four fun weeks: $150.00