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Storybook Workshop classes start with the very best of children’s literature and follow an age-based curriculum that combines music and movement, drama, and art; through these creative vehicles, children learn to express their understanding of developmentally appropriate topics and themes taken directly from their favorite stories. This method of playful learning engages children in the creative process and develops a strong foundation in literacy. Storybook Workshop provides an energetic and fun accompaniment to preschool and early elementary school education. 




We are very proud to have an educated, experienced, and nurturing staff. Storybook Workshop educators are dedicated to the needs of every child and understand  the importance of making each child feel welcomed, safe, and ready for a wonderful learning experience.


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Fostering a Love of Reading


A tremendous amount of learning happens in children’s early years. Most children spend too much time learning passively about the world around them through technology and two-dimensional screens. For children to learn how to think creatively and understand the written word they must first acquire comprehensive language skills as well as the motivation and self-control required to read. They must also have the opportunity to participate in environments that foster a love of books and stories. At Storybook Workshop, every class is rich in language and active learning. We read, sing, talk, rhyme, develop new vocabulary words, and test our ability to express ourselves through dramatic play.

Music, Movement & Yoga


Active learning has never been more fun! Our knowledgeable teachers use songs, finger plays, yoga, games, and dance as springboards from beloved books to  important lessons in literacy and language. These unique music and movement components also enhance natural rhythm, balance and body awareness.




Listening to a story and then becoming one of its characters allows children to understand the story more intimately; with this perspective in hand, children are able to express themselves more completely through language. Our drama component draws out even our most timid students, becoming an important tool for empowerment and learning.




Our art projects strengthen fine motor muscle control and encourage children to continue creating beyond the boundaries of a story’s plot. In our workshop classes, children take home artwork completed in class. We believe dynamic learning continues beyond our studio when children use their projects to recall elements of the story for family members. Our projects stimulates a child's ability to recall specific language used in class to discuss the story. In this way, art becomes yet another avenue to facilitate language learning.

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What Parents Are Saying


"My girls never want to miss Storybook Workshop! They love the amazing blend of drama, art, music and physical activity. Classes are exciting without ever overwhelming even reserved kids like mine. Tina Moran's imaginative, professional, loving personality shines through in every moment. It is by far our favorite program in Winchester!"          — Sarah Lubin  (mother of Sophia and Dahlia)



"I truly love what you do (and clearly Jackie does too)!

I've been a frog, fish, fox, groundhog and Pepito about three times each over the past hour! Directed by Jackie who also played a part in the story as we acted it out. Such a big hit! I found a copy of The Brave Little Bird on Amazon and ordered it. Thank you!"     — Nicole Vittiglio  (mother of Jackie and Tommy)



"In an age of video games and screen play, it's a relief to find an activity that encourages children to use their imaginations, to dance, to create and to tell a story."      — Martha Anderson  (mother of Henry, Georgia and Josie)

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Studio Classes: 34 Dix Street  (Corner of Dix and Church)


 Mailing Address: 5 Wildwood Terrace, Winchester, MA. 01890