Class Offerings

Spring Term 2023!

Classes have limited availability

All Classes held in our spacious studio

Storybook Workshop staff members are fully Covid vaccinated

Wiggle with Me!

18 months - 3 years

Tuesday 9:30-10:15  
Winter: January 17- March 28 (no class 2/21) 

Spring: April 4- May 23 ( no class 4/18)



Wednesday 9:30-10:15

Winter: January 18-March 29 (no class 2/22)

Spring: April 5- May 24 (no class 4/19)


*Enjoy class with a caregiver

Expose your little one to a wide range of skills in this active, first class experience. Thoughtfully chosen stories expand into musical activities, finger plays, and early drama, enhancing significant language development. Our gross motor practice sends us hopping, jumping, galloping, running, and working together on directionality and parachute play. Every week we manipulate crayons, Play-Doh, puzzles, paper, and glue sticks reinforcing fine motor skills. Siblings under ten months old are welcome. Siblings registered in any Storybook Workshop Class are welcome to join their sibling! 


2.8 - 4 year olds


Wednesday 10:30-11:15  
Winter: January 18- March 29 ( no class 2/22)

Spring: April 5-May 24 ( no class 4/19)



*First class experience "by myself"*


 In this popular progression from Wiggle with Me! our youngest independent

learners join a predictable, safe environment with nurturing and familiar


teachers. Children in this class gain confidence in their gross motor skills as they


participate in rhythm and musical activities, taking turns and sharing with their


friends, finger plays, rhyming and dramatic play. In this age group, the Whole


Book Approach to reading stories aids in language acquisition and development,


particularly through music and drama. Very active and skill building!


*Children must be ready to separate from caregivers


Storybook Signature Tuesday

Preschool 3.5- 5 years

Tuesday 12:45- 2:00 

Winter: January 17-March 28 (no class 2/21)

Spring: April 4-May 23 (no class 4/18)



Our very first class 28 years ago

We start with a charming story and add our creative curriculum. Storybook Workshop's signature class fosters early literacy with a playful twist. By combining music, movement, drama and art with a classic piece of literature, we engage children actively with substantial developmental benefits. Our activities encourage cooperation, confidence, language proficiency and vocabulary building. Fine and gross motor skill building are emphasized. This age-appropriate class provides an excellent foundation for your soon-to-be reader. We built a business around this very popular "signature" class, many years ago!

This is a drop-off class

Storybook Signature Friday

Preschool 4 - 5 years

Friday 10:30-11:45 

Winter: January 20-March 31 (no class 2/24)

Spring: April 7- May 26 (no class 4/21)



Classically childhood

Beginning with one beloved story per week, we explore the best in children's literature using the Whole-Book Approach to reading. Segueing into music, movement, drama, yoga and art. Our activities encourage cooperation, build vocabulary, reinforce skills  and confidence. Children create an art project each week to further develop fine motor skills. Our take -home projects also serve as a bridge; when children use their artwork to re-tell a story, they practice a powerful pre-literacy skill. Who knew learning could be so fun?

(3.5+ year olds may join with permission from the Director) 

This is a drop off class

Readers' Theater Workshop*

 Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd

Tuesday 2:35-3:45 (come right after school)

Winter: January 17- March 28 (no class 2/21)

Spring: April 4- May 23 (no class 4/18)



We've brought back a favorite!

Sidelined for a few years, this popular offering is back! Readers' Theater Workshop is a unique theater experience. Using the very best in children's classic and contemporary literature, we explore the steps of putting on a simple play for a live audience. In this workshop, we create our own props and scenery to bring a favorite story to life. Our dramatic activities and games help develop literacy skills, while also extending vocabulary, concentration and self- confidence. Our term ends with a simple musical in front of a live audience of Storybook Workshop students and families.. Active and fun, a staple for years is a must for anyone who loves drama..

 *Being able to read is not a prerequisite for this class

 Children bring snack to class

Wednesday Literacy Workshop

 Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd  

Wednesday 2:35- 3:45

Winter: January 18- March 29 (no class 2/22)

Spring: April 5- May 24 (no class 4/19)



Fundamentals of Literacy 

Come right after school!. The pandemic had us  planning a new ENRICHMENT class for children. First a pilot program, now part of our line-up.

An orchestrated music, movement, art and drama class, Literacy Workshop provides an exciting hands-on multi disciplinary experience. Using a balanced literacy approach, we explore books and their authors, poems, songs and tongue twisters, incorporating vocabulary, phonics, and rhyme activities. Integrating art, drama and music, this class will focus on the fundamentals of literacy development while also studying exciting Author/Illustrators. This playful, skill building and incredibly FUN workshop is a perfect accompaniment to a school day! 

*Being able to read is not a prerequisite for this class

 Children bring a snack to class