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Class Offerings


Just Hatched

Ages Birth - 10 months


Finally, a class for babies and new moms. This unique offering introduces moms to a new baby care topic each week, an open forum, question and answer time along with a chance to learn Storybook Workshop's signature songs, finger plays and interactive activities for play at home! This new pilot class is led by Pediatric Nurse Practitioner (and mother of four young children), Lynne Caldwell. 

Limited to 10 


Wiggle with Me!

Ages 20 months* - age 3 (with caregiver)

This perfect class experience exposes your little one to a wide range of social skills including sharing and taking turns, listening, and most importantly, practicing cooperation with new friends. Our stories expand into music and rhythm activities, finger plays, early drama, and budding language development. Gross motor practice sends us hopping, jumping, galloping, running, and working together on directionality and parachute play. Our hands are busy manipulating crayons, Play-Doh, glue sticks, puzzles, and more during our weekly fine motor activities. Children are sent home with a craft project proudly in hand, which helps them recall what they learned in class. Siblings under 8 months and siblings registered in a Storybook Workshop Class welcome to join the fun! 

Required: sneakers for all participants

* Monday's Wiggle with Me! is a mixed age group-15 months- age 3


Is your older child registered in a Storybook Workshop class? Children may attend Wiggle with Me! with a younger sibling for free (during the same semester).



Storybook Library & Music

Ages 3 - 5 years


Join us for this energetic new offering for children 3-5 years. Using engaging children’s literature and music as a springboard, we’ll enjoy discovering movement and drama in this age-appropriate class.

Adding scarves, balls, and parachute play we’ll enhance balance, coordination, flexibility and body awareness. Active and fun!

Children attend without a caregiver.

Required: sneakers 

Offered spring term only

Library Lunch*

Ages 3- 5 years

Lunch, stories and art, what a perfect combination! Library Lunch  gives children the opportunity to explore Storybook Workshop's incredible library. After lunch, we'll read a book or two using our **Whole Book Approach. To round out our class time, children engage in multi-sensory music and movement activities and end with a fine motor project to strengthen their small motor muscle. Incredibly fun and just the perfect activity after a morning in pre-school.


Offered at Neighborhood Coop: 21 Church St. Open to all students


Storybook Workshop &

Storybook Workshop Lunch

Ages 3.5- 6 years


Want to raise a reader?

Children who are ready for a full workshop will experience all that Storybook Workshop's renowned curriculum has to offer. We start with a charming story and add our creative curriculum. Storybook Workshop’s signature class fosters early literacy with a playful twist. By combining music, movement and drama with a classic piece of literature each week, we engage children actively with solid developmental benefits. Our activities encourage cooperation, shape confidence and cultivate language proficiency. Build language and vocabulary, strengthen gross motor skills and learn about our world with this fun age-appropriate class.  A wonderful foundation for your soon-to-be reader. 

Required: sneakers



Storybook Drama 

At Vinson-Owen Elementary School

Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd Grades


Storybook Workshop is going to school. First stop V-O Elementary!


Our Storybook Drama Pilot will introduce children to our library of wonderful literature. Every week using music, games, yoga and of course DRAMA we'll retell classic a story. Our class is active but relaxed and non-competitive. Children will develop their imagination, confidence and vocabulary. "The End" is just the beginning in this incredibly fun after school class!


Children bring snack to class.

Begins January 17, 2018 -8 weeks


Readers' Theater

Ages Kindergarten and First Grade

Burgeoning readers will thrive in this creative drama class! For the first seven weeks, we take an in-depth look at literature through drama and language in a relaxed, non-competitive environment. We explore different authors and classic children’s tales through movement and drama games, as well as reading exercises and musical activities. Throughout these activities, we emphasize dialogue, examining how authors use dialogue to create a character’s voice. For the second seven weeks of class, we begin to collaborate as a group to write stories and edit musical scores. We work on art projects to make scenery, props, and simple costuming. In the end, all of our hard work and collective learning culminates in an empowering performance of our own piece of literature—an original play, for a live audience. Being a reader is NOT a prerequisite.

Required: sneakers

Special Programs



Puppet Workshop
K, 1st, 2nd and 3rd Grade

Winchester Early Release Days 10/26, 3/15 & 5/11


This literature rich art class provides the perfect way to spend an afternoon-working and creating with your hands while celebrating a love for reading. Children listen to a  classic story, design and execute their own puppets. Reenacting a favorite story with puppets enhances imaginative self-expression and develops language, vocabulary and fine motor skills. This class is just old-fashioned childhood fun! Snack included. 


Storybook Outside!

Nature Education in June

( Mini-Camp)


Ages 4 & 5 years*

*younger students may register with approval from the Director

June 11-15 & June 18-22 
Monday-Friday 9-12


Every June, we take all the fullness of our indoor workshops and bring them outside for a unique experience, exploring literature and nature together. An annual favorite, our summer curriculum lends itself beautifully to old-fashioned, developmentally appropriate outdoor play! We weave our literature program into exciting, hands-on learning adventures, focusing on natural science and math. We'll measure, magnify, problem solve, categorize, experiment, identify, and investigate our world. Bee Keeper and Worm Farm visit each week. Our memorable, outdoor summer program is just plain fun!

Registration begins February 7, 2018

To register: email Tina@



$310.00 per week

**Our Whole Book Approach

Storybook Workshop’s signature “Whole Book Approach” concept is rooted in the idea that we need to do more than simply read to children—we move beyond that with the intention of reading with children. Our objective is not merely to reach the end of a book; instead, we stop in the middle of a story to pull out critical thinking points, allow children to ask questions, and help them discuss their observations. In doing so, we encourage children to become active readers. We also encourage children to think critically about how a story is illustrated. Often, good storybook art is the first art children ever see. When we talk about how and why illustrations go along with a story, we help children come away with a well-rounded, confident understanding of each story we read. 

For more information on a similar “Whole Book Approach” used at The Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art in Amherst, MA, please visit: